Wanna go to the moon? Click here!

ZOZO’s Maezawa is looking for 8 people to go for a free trip to the moon. If you wanna go to the moon, this is your chance

Hi, thank you Jerr, but I checked the information, it says they stopped the recruitment because the deadline passed.

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I am sure that they would accept some late entries! Always good to try

Ok, I will write a email to them, to tell them that I am a key person for that moon trip, I was born for that mission. I hope they will catch this chance of adding me in that 8 people group.

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I have unfinished business on Earth; I can’t go yet! :cold_face:

Most lessons and works now can be done online, maybe you can do it on the moon.

ZoZo didn’t reply to me…
but anyway I tried, no regrets.