How to make money in the stock market?

How to make money in the stock market?

When you respect money and indifferent towards it,it’s the first step to be a good trader.
Secondly, build and own your system, disregard the news from the media.
Good luck.:wink:

Thanks for your answer, my friend, and why do you sad ‘disregard the news from the media’?
I think more information, more possible to earn money, isn’t it?
Looking forward to your reply.

Information is different from the news, the news is useless. Can you recognize it?
Think about it, bro. If I can get money from the tips, why tell you?:joy:
Anyway, valuable information only shows in the share price rather then the media.
Be confident, DO NOT stop thinking in the market.:wink:

I didn’t mean the media is bad.
The news from the media was objective and veracious, but the reporter just writing a story that happens before.
That was why so many people buy at the highest price.

What is your opinoin about value investment?
Do you believe it?

Of course, Why not?
If you are a greenhand, value investment is friendly and good for you.
You should only know how to recognize a good company by their financial statement and buy.
But, do you really want to wait for a long time?
I can’t wait.:joy:

I would say that value investing might take a while, but 1 rmb/year (exaggeration) is still better than losing a lot of money trying to bet on which companies will succeed in the long run

Yes, your opinion is good.
But I want to be a nice speculator rather than a stockholder.
If you really want to do it.Go ahead, bro.:wink:

I heard someone bought stocks and later he was put into jail for like 10 years because of committing some crime, when he was released 10 years later, he found his stocks’ price has risen 10 times than the price he bought.