Have u ever thought about a world without nations?

Throughout the history of human, the nations only service for the politicians and the ruler, how would we live with a world with equality and the true democracy for ourselves, no king, no capitalist, and no poverty. Everybody working for only yourselves.


It sounds like an Utopia to me. But I like the idea of living in a nation without any kinds of king.


I would love to live in such an egalitarian world, but humanity keeps us away from it and fights with each other.

I suggest a more realistic plan that follows below:
Definitely we need a government to perform ordinary work. But the difference is whatever they did and the results will be recorded on videos everyday. Everyone there has the right to inspect those videos and suspects the justice of those performances, then writes down his suspicion. Once the minimum limit number of suspicion has been reached, inspecting system will be triggered. Of course, their inspections also will be recorded on videos, and there is the second inspecting organ.
An extra powerful organ we need is which determines these videos should be published immediately or delayed for some time, when one executor of the government requests to delay his records. Therefore, we need to vote out an maximum limit of delay time before.


Nobody will dislike a Utopia, every person is dreaming to get closer to it, wasn’t it?

Letting every person make the decision, make every change and argument clear and show them to all people, stop wasting our time and lives on wars,financial crisis, and cruelty, this shall be how do the world work, and we can get our real freedom.


I like the concept of such a world, I hope so. But one thing that interferes with it is that people like to have a king, capitalist, or any superior figure (which is defined by people themselves) over them. You can see it from how much people respect the British queen, Vatican pope, or successful businessmen like Steve Jobs, Eron Musk, or even politician.

Jen_mm, you are right! People needs a master to follow, an idol to worship, through these they feel safe.

It’s really hard to say since the world we live in itself is the result of a world in which equality and true democracy existed, with everybody working for only themselves.

Trade came about since people didn’t want to make everything themselves.

Then a shared currency was created to facilitate that.

Then people started hoarding that shared currency because then they could stop worrying about running out of it.

Then people started working to get that shared currency.

This created a class division, and rich people came together to manage society as a nation, and bam we’re right where we started in our modern world.

Each event leads to the other so perfectly, it is hard to imagine a different result.

This is… quite well thought out!

My worry though is how the society will sustain themselves. A society needs a surplus of food, daily goods, and a strong government. If people had to constantly inspect the system, then who would go about producing foods and goods?

Of course, this could be a futuristic society where people don’t need to produce anymore, instead relying on machines to produce instead. But considering that a government needs to take care of many agendas per day, it is quite hard for every single person to inspect every single agenda, so each person can only inspect a small part of the government.

A malicious actor can sabotage this agenda distribution process, and give the seriously important agendas to people he/she wants.

In my world, we just provide a more reliable resistant way for those encountering unfairness. We would do no less work for living there than we do now.

I don’t want to work, Can you build a country people there no need to work? All the work should be done by robot, I am in charge of travelling, eating, playing games.

Let’s look forward to taking off of science.

Yeah, you wish !